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Solar Storage

Solar Power Distribution and Electrical Storage Photovoltaic panels are relatively portable, and the number of them can be matched to the site requirements. It is not necessary to build a huge coal-burning or nuclear-powered plant and then link everything for hundreds of miles around with phenomenal amounts of wire just to get the benefits of [...]

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A Postage Stamp of Sunlight

This exercise lets children directly feel the energy in sunlight. A dowel shaft can be attached to a motor with a piece of tubing slid onto a motor shaft bushing (or the motor pulley mounted backwards, as shown here). Hold the motor and shaft loosely in your upturned palm, with the tubing slightly bent. With your [...]

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Solar Day Clock

Activity: Children build a two-dimensional model of our planet with Sun shining on it, rotating in Space, and relate their planetary position during that rotation to the 24 hours of our clock. Materials: construction paper, paper fastener, cardboard, paper, glue, marker, protractor. Directions: On a large sheet of construction paper or cardboard have the children [...]

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Solar Tracking Device

Solar panels produce direct current electricity - a flow of electrons in one direction. Changing the direction of the flow of electrons will reverse the motor's spin direction.   This can be an interesting thing when you connect two solar panels to the same motor, but with their test leads reversed. That is, with one [...]

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Orbit of the Earth around a room

Most Classrooms have a Globe. These usually have the planet correctly inclined (to show its tilt of spin in relation to the plane of our orbit around the Sun), as well as a small plate on top, at the North pole, marked off in hours. For children to visualize where their planet is in a [...]

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