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Automata – 507 Mechanical Movements

Finally bringing together all of my old files over the years, for a final collating of important notes versus doodles, and came across a thin dusty file call "Automata". In it an advertisement for the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, 1994. "Making automata is hard. It requires a very wide range of construction skills and an understanding [...]

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Solar Water Pumping

Have had an enjoyable summer, playing with various kits we have in prototype, and working on several projects at once. 25-watt solar panel with 12-volt pump in barrel One of the most interesting to me was employing solar water-pumping in our garden. I had recently discovered that one can buy on eBay a 25-watt solar panel for $50.00 [...]

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Solar Radiation Spectrum

Solar insolation curve  (click to enlarge) The concept of solar energy can be abstract. We might know that it is electromagnetic radiation from the Sun, but  "WHERE on the electromagnetic spectrum is it?... and "HOW MUCH is there?" Knowing where and how much gives a person the power of their solar energy inheritance. Solar Energy is [...]

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“Let it Shine” – the 6,000-year story of Solar Energy

Have just picked up John Perlin's latest book, Let It Shine: The 6,000-year old story of Solar Energy. This is a 30-years-later updated version of his book, A Golden Thread: 2500 Years of Solar Architecture and Technology - which was THE bible of the history of solar energy usage. Obviously, he learned a bit more in [...]

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Arnold McCutcheon

When I first met Arnold, he was flying a solar plane around the parking lot of downtown Ganges, on Salt Spring Island.  It was on a ballasted six foot wire whirling on a central pivot, the propulsive power being the plane's solar-electric driven propeller. I'd sold Arnold a few panels through the mail, over the [...]

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Climate Change – One-Liners, and Lines of Evidence

While this list first appeared in 2010 with the title, 119 One-Liners to Respond to Climate Science Myths, it is now up to 153 one-liners to quench the climate-change denier.   Put together by  "...the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office [which] promotes well-being, peace, and justice throughout the world... The VISION of the UU-UNO Climate Change Initiative is a world with [...]

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Climate Change

Concerns about Climate Change (a.k.a. Global Heating) arose because pollution from our combustion activities is changing the composition of the gases in our atmosphere. Some of these new and/or increased gases absorb the out-going infra-red radiation at night-side, keeping that energy in our atmosphere, from where some of it can re-emit to Earth, rather than [...]

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