Arnold McCutcheon has worked with our solar toy construction materials for years, and has invented numerous solar toy mechanisms.

Arnold McCutcheon

When I first met Arnold, he was flying a solar plane around the parking lot of downtown Ganges, on Salt Spring Island.  It was on a ballasted six foot wire whirling on a central pivot, the propulsive power being the plane's solar-electric driven propeller. I'd sold Arnold a few panels through the mail, over the [...]

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Arnold’s Mechanisms & Inventions

"Arnold has been interested in making things from recycled items most of his life. While farming in the sixties he made his own four-wheel-drive tractor from second-hand parts. In the mid-eighties he got serious about recyclables as an art form. Aluminium pop cans were dissected and remade into jewellery, greeting cards, pictures, animals and boats. [...]

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