SunnySide Up Classroom 10-Pack

Classroom 10-Pack for 10 SunnySide Up Solar Cars. The SunnySide Up Classroom 10-pack contains components for 10 individual SunnySide Up solar cars. Children can build solar cars on the supplied coroplast, or use recycled materials to make their own creations. Screw-eye axle holders go through or into most materials. Re-usable. For grades 5 [...]

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Our gear-driven solar car, with 1.5 volt x 500 mAmp solar panel and a 50-tooth gear on the driven axle. Easily assembled, fast rolling. This kit includes: 1.5 volt x 500 mAmp (0.75 watt) solar panel with alligator clip test leads electric motor motor clip gears, 10-tooth and 50-tooth plastic pulley/wheels and o-ring tires screw [...]

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Solar PhotoVoltaic Panels from SunWind

SunWind solar panels are made with polycrystalline solar cells mounted to a firm substrate with clear epoxy encapsulation. They are marked for polarity and come with rugged 15 cm (6") alligator clip test leads attached, allowing for active experimentation. SunWind supplies three sizes of solar photovoltaic panels: 1.0 volt, 1.5 volt, and 2.0 volt. All [...]

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SunWind Tweazles

Galaxies spin, solar systems spin, planets spin...and the electrons making up everything around us are spinning. From the largest to the smallest, Spin is how Universe works. By studying these educational artifacts, you too will become wiser in the ways of the workings of the Universe. Just as Newton grasped that our moon and an [...]

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