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These notes introduce important facts about solar energy and contain links to sites that best explain various concepts.

Off-Site Educational Links

How the World Works "Looking at it as the spaceship that it is, there’s just one spaceship here. It’s the only one we’re going to get. What are the total known resources, and what is the total knowledge, and how do we use those total resources and knowledge for everybody on board this ship? Absolutely give no attention whatsoever to nations ever again. It must be really how to make it work for everybody. That’s what I’m talking about. We’re now talking about making it work for everybody." - Buckminster Fuller Fuller is the author of "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth".  The Buckminster [...]

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Solar Heat

SOLAR CONSTANT   The energy density of solar radiation at Earth's distance from the Sun (150,000,000 kilometers) averages 1361 joules per second per square meter. This is the value of what we call the "solar constant", although though there is some variation due to Earth's elliptical orbit. Consider that the Sun is radiating out energy in every direction, and that we are so far away from it. And yet, even at this distance we exist in 1.36 kilowatts of power per square meter. Some of this energy is deflected and absorbed in Earths' atmosphere, but on a clear-sky day (what [...]

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Solar Optics

Solar Energy Safety Messages You would not ordinarily look directly at the Sun, because it can blind you. Similarly, use caution when concentrating light energy. WHEN EXPERIMENTING WITH SOLAR ENERGY WEAR UV PROTECTIVE SUNGLASSES!! These are not enough protection to ever look directly at the Sun, but they provide some protection in concentrated sunlight. Remember, you are experimenting with RADIANT ENERGY. In particular, it's the unseen highly energetic ultra-violet rays that can be the most damaging. The absorbtion of these by the eye can leading to premature aging of the eye, clouding, and blindness. Further, when concentrating solar energy, you [...]

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Solar Energy Uses

TO TELL TIME Our sense of time is marked by how and where we perceive the Sun, as our tilted planet spins. Yearly our planet orbits the Sun, and, as a result of life's reactions to the changes of received energy at any location, we perceive the Seasons. Finding the axis of spin, North-South As the Sun appears to be lower or higher in the horizon, and as Earth spins from West to East (so that the sun appears to moving from East to West) a stick's shadow will clearly change length and position throughout each day, [...]

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Solar Mechanics

Earth spins as it orbits its energy source. Because of the tilt of the daily spinning Earth, and its elliptical orbit as it spirals yearly around the Sun (following the Sun through Space, around the Galaxy), each place on the planet's spherical surface receives differing amounts of energy throughout the day, and throughout the year. This difference in energy reception has resulted in a pattern of life in plants that is seasonally regenerative. It is the reason behind seasonal migrations of birds, fish, and caribou. Energy flow influences the availability of food, requirements for warmth (thickness of animals' coats), and [...]

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