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SolGear-Solar-Car-KitOur gear-driven solar car, with 1.5 volt x 500 mAmp solar panel and a 50-tooth gear on the driven axle. Easily assembled, fast rolling.

This kit includes:

  • 1.5 volt x 500 mAmp (0.75 watt) solar panel with alligator clip test leads
  • electric motor
  • motor clip
  • gears, 10-tooth and 50-tooth
  • plastic pulley/wheels and o-ring tires
  • screw eye axle holders
  • wooden axles, wooden blocks
  • sandpaper, push pin, tubing, velcro
  • instructions

Tools:  Scissors only (to cut soft tubing)

SolGear Solar Car Assembly Video

[This car can also be built with the SolarDrive II Inventor’s kit, or the SolRun Classroom Kit.]

Our SolGear kit has recently been adopted for use in Duke University’s 4-H TechExcite program with free down-loadable teacher and student instruction files (pdf’s): “Solar Energy – Racing with the Sun”.

Price:  $25.00


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