SunnySide Up Classroom 10-Pack

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Classroom 10-Pack for 10 SunnySide Up Solar Cars.

The SunnySide Up Classroom 10-pack contains components for 10 individual SunnySide Up solar cars. Children can build solar cars on the supplied coroplast, or use recycled materials to make their own creations. Screw-eye axle holders go through or into most materials. Re-usable. For grades 5 – 10, school programs and summer camps. No tools required beyond scissors.
SunnySide Up Solar Car

SunnySide Up Solar Car

A Classroom 10-Pack Includes:

  • 10 x 1 volt, 500 mAmp (0.5 watt) solar panels, with alligator clip test leads attached
  • 10 x solar motors, motor clips, pulleys, wooden wheel sets and axles, and all necessary parts
  • 10 x instructions

How to Build a SunnySide Up Solar Car Kit (video

Price:  $164.00


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