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SunWind Solar creates solar power energy kits for kids. Students from all over the world can enjoy these educational toys.

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SunWind Solar kits provide students with hands-on opportunities to experience solar energy being converted into electricity and mechanical motion. We produce five individual kits and two larger classroom kits for solar-powered learning.

Children can build solar cars on the supplied coroplast, or use recycled materials to make their own creations. The kits are Re-usable. For grades 4 – 12, school programs and summer camps.

No tools required beyond scissors.

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There is no end to the creativity of what
can be built with our solar kits.

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To track the Sun and record its passage was another project that seemed worthwhile. It is tricky for children, or anyone for that matter, to perceive that it is our planet that is moving relative to the Sun, rather than the Sun moving relative to the Earth. Our language is riddled with this false understanding of Earth-centrism. And while it is true the Sun is also travelling through Space, and the Earth travels with it in a spiral pattern, rather than the flat circular orbiting we were taught, it is best not to complicate things at

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A Postage Stamp of Sunlight

This exercise lets children directly feel the energy in sunlight. A dowel shaft can be attached to a motor with a piece of tubing slid onto a motor shaft bushing (or the motor pulley mounted backwards, as shown here). Hold the motor and shaft loosely in your upturned palm, with the tubing slightly bent. With your other hand aim the attached solar panel toward the Sun. The motor and shaft assembly will vibrate in the open palm of your hand – a primitive sun-drum. Consider that the solar panel is about 12 – 15% (1/8) efficient, and

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Solar Day Clock

Activity: Children build a two-dimensional model of our planet with Sun shining on it, rotating in Space, and relate their planetary position during that rotation to the 24 hours of our clock.Materials: construction paper, paper fastener, cardboard, paper, glue, marker, protractor.Directions: On a large sheet of construction paper or cardboard have the children make an appropriate Sun image in Space.To make an ‘Earth”, here I’ve found an image on-line with the North pole at the center, and glued it onto a circular piece of cardboard. But students could as well draw their own Earth image.Students will probably

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Smooth Black Stone

Gather three smooth black stones, as like to each other as possible. Outdoors, in the sunlight, place the stones on a piece of cardboard. Leave one stone uncovered. Cover one stone with an upside-down jar or clear drinking glass. For the third stone construct a simple test house with a 1-litre (1 qt.) and a 2-litre (2 qt.) milk or juice containers. You will also need Kleenex (or shredded paper towel or dry sawdust or cotton batten) as insulation, some clear plastic wrap, and an elastic band. Cut the top from each carton, about 10 cm (~

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Arnold McCutcheon

When I first met Arnold, he was flying a solar plane around the parking lot of downtown Ganges, on Salt Spring Island.  It was on a ballasted six foot wire whirling on a central pivot, the propulsive power being

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Arnold’s Mechanisms & Inventions

"Arnold has been interested in making things from recycled items most of his life. While farming in the sixties he made his own four-wheel-drive tractor from second-hand parts. In the mid-eighties he got serious about recyclables as an art

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