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Arnold’s Mechanisms & Inventions

Child playing with renewable energy kitRenewable Energy Child
Beginners Notes

“Arnold has been interested in making things from recycled items most of his life. While farming in the sixties he made his own four-wheel-drive tractor from second-hand parts. In the mid-eighties he got serious about recyclables as an art form. Aluminium pop cans were dissected and remade into jewellery, greeting cards, pictures, animals and boats. The nineties saw him move into sculpting with silver-plate, primarily spoons and forks. His greatest satisfaction was from creating the human form showing some emotion. Then he switched to making semi-functional pieces centered on CD discs. Typical creations include locomotives, trucks, amusement centers and musical instruments. Lately he has been creating animals, toys and wall art from recycled aluminium bottles.

“His art is meant to be touched, to see the wheels turn, the people move, or the colors change. Each piece is a challenge of engineering and fabrication as well as a delight for the little boy inside.”   – Artist’s Statement.

When I first met Arnold, he was working on solar planes and boats. Below are a number of the things he developed, or that we worked on together.