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Michael Cooke founded SunWind Solar Industries Inc. in 1998 to provide solar energy information and to be a source of “hands-on” solar energy kits for children. SunWind kits encourage children to explore simple mechanics while building solar-electric machines of their own design.

Arnold McCutcheon

When I first met Arnold, he was flying a solar plane around the parking lot of downtown Ganges, on Salt

Solar Energy and Time

This is a charming example, in 12 frames, of the relative intensity of solar energy received by the Northern hemisphere


A new Website which allows you to select your closeness and field of view, and step through Sun images second

Climate Change Math

It would be hard to teach about solar energy without mentioning the reality of Climate Change, aka Global Warming, aka

Solar Water Pumping

Have had an enjoyable summer, playing with various kits we have in prototype, and working on several projects at once. 25-watt

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