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SunWind Solar creates solar power energy kits for kids. Students from all over the world can enjoy these educational toys.

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SunWind Solar kits provide students with hands-on opportunities to experience solar energy being converted into electricity and mechanical motion. We produce five individual kits and two larger classroom kits for solar-powered learning.

Children can build solar cars on the supplied coroplast, or use recycled materials to make their own creations. The kits are Re-usable. For grades 4 – 12, school programs and summer camps.

No tools required beyond scissors.

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There is no end to the creativity of what
can be built with our solar kits.

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Solar Tracking Device

Solar panels produce direct current electricity – a flow of electrons in one direction. Changing the direction of the flow of electrons will reverse the motor’s spin direction. This can be an interesting thing when you connect two solar panels to the same motor, but with their test leads reversed. That is, with one panel having a positive lead attached to the same motor pole tab as a second panel’s negative lead. And on the other motor tab, the situation is reversed – so that the first panel’s negative lead shares with the second panel’s positive lead.

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Happy Birthday Theremin

In almost any Dollar store you can find an inexpensive birthday card that plays the “Happy Birthday” tune (or some other) when you open it. If you remove the works and remove the battery, you can hook up a solar panel as shown. The panel shown is 1.5 volts. (If using 1 volt panels, you would need two in series to provide enough voltage to make the speaker work.) After removing the battery, use one alligator clip to clip together the contacts where the small piece of card slipped in and out as a “switch”, and attach

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Orbit of the Earth around a room

Most Classrooms have a Globe. These usually have the planet correctly inclined (to show its tilt of spin in relation to the plane of our orbit around the Sun), as well as a small plate on top, at the North pole, marked off in hours. For children to visualize where their planet is in a year, in relation to the Sun, it is useful to work with a model. A shared experience makes the learning easier. This could be perhaps a weekly class focus…where is the planet today in its orbit around the Sun? To model this

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Beginners Notes

Solar cells produce direct current electricity when the Sun is shining on them (or if they are close to a bright light). They do not have to be “charged up”. Nor do they hold a charge. When light photons strike the solar cell material, a flow of electrons is produced instantaneously, and that electricity can be used to power electrical devices such as motors, lights, and buzzers. When the light stops, the electricity stops. Electrical energy is measured in watts, with amperes of current flowing between voltage potential differences. So voltage times

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