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Solar Cars and Boats

Solar Energy (Start Here)
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It’s believed to be the first solar car that can comfortably transport four people.

“The first solar car invented was a tiny 15-inch vehicle created by William G. Cobb of General Motors. Called the Sunmobile, Cobb showcased the first solar car at the Chicago Powerama convention on August 31, 1955.” – “AutomoStory – first cars in history“.

“…Around the World with the Sun!” The young Swiss adventurer, Louis Palmer (in 2008) explained: “Like so many other things, the Solartaxi also began with a childhood dream. In 1986 – I was just 14 years old – I dreamed of driving around the world with a car on one day, which doesn’t destroy the earth at the same time – with a solar car!”

Another dreamer, Marcelo da Luz – his dream: “to create and build a solar car that would set world distance records.” Check him out on the Power of One Solar Car Project.

First solar car
Honda dream, the winning car in the 1996 World Solar Challenge.
Solar Vehicles in Chile race across World’s driest desert.

SolarWorld GT on its way around the planet.

Solar car “SolarWorld GT“ completes first around-the-world journey. “In 414 days the solar powered SolarWorld GT traveled a distance of more than 29,000 kilometers (18,020 miles) on its journey around the world 2011/2012.”

University of Michigan students (2012) explain $1 million Quantum Solar Car.


America Solar Challenge 2014: “The American Solar Challenge (ASC) is a multi-day, 1200-1800 mile cross-country road race across North America. The event is typically held every other year during the summer and is open to solar car teams from countries all over the world. We are pleased to announce that the 2014 American Solar Challenge is going to be an 8 day 1700+ mile road course traveling through 7 states from Austin, TX to St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN. We are also excited that Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP 2014) will be returning to the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, TX!”

World Solar Challenge: “Known as ‘Brain-Sport’ the World Solar Challenge participants will traverse more than 3,000km over the Australian continent – from tropical Darwin to balmy Adelaide, in cars powered by nothing more than the sun.” Another biannual event, this race runs again in 2015.

Stanford Introduces New Solar Car (YouTube, 1:39): Stanford University students are hoping for a big win.

Winston Solar Challenge:“…is an international education program designed for teaching high school students the physics and technology associated with a road worthy solar car.” Check out their informative History of Solar Car Racing.

Junior Solar Sprint

is a fun hands-on educational program for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in the U.S.A.

Students are supplied with solar panels, motors, and detailed suggestions; and mentored to build and race working model solar cars. Excellent middle school mechanics instructions wrapped around designing and building a solar car. Free downloads in pdf format and animated computer programs.


Sunlight on the water-planet…it is up to you to stay afloat and get somewhere. Try a solar boat. The Story (and History) of Solar Powered Boats

“Solar boats are electrical boats, with independent, quiet and clean engines, whose batteries store free energy from the sun.”

For Solar Boats around the world, see the Solar Navigator site.

SOLAR SPLASH “…is the World Championship of Solar/Electric boating. It is an international intercollegiate competition that takes place over five days.”

Pictures of the World’s largest solar boat. Videos here. Turanor has been around the world and has been commissioned as a climate change research vessel, heading North. One advantage for air and sea-vapour sampling is no diesel exhaust.

When Floodwaters Rise, Floating Solar Boats School Kids in Bangladesh, where a non-profit, Shidhulai , has been working providing floating educational establishments for flood-stranded young children. ” The uniqueness of our project is the simplicity – build/convert a boat, equip it with books and computers, power it with solar energy, and bring it to communities through the waterways.”

Solar and wind-powered sea vehicle will solve mysteries of the Celtic Deep

Through a partnership between the National Oceanography Centre and the World Wildlife Fund, it will travel along the surface of the Celtic Deep, a deep area of the sea known for attracting marine predators like dolphins and sea birds that lies between Ireland and the UK. The vehicle will be using GoPro cameras, marine mammal acoustic detectors and a meteorological station to conduct research about that part of the ocean and its inhabitants. Other onboard sensors will help it to detect marine animals and gather information about the sea.” – Treehugger, Aug 24, 2015

Solar-Electric Charging Stations (“Plugging the World into the Power of the Sun”) is a good site for updated solar energy news; and promotes the concept of solar-charging electric cars.

Solar Energy (Start Here)