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Classroom kit of 15 SolarDrive II components, with additional tools and materials. Renewable and re-usable, the SolRun kit enables students to explore and invent solar-powered machines. Hands-on Solar Energy STEM.

Encourage your whole class to invent and build simple solar-electric machines that run on light. For grades 5 – 12, school programs and summer camps. 

In addition to building 15 SolarDrive II’s, this kit enables students to build onto recycled materials (such as cardboard, plastic bottles, blister packs, juice cartons, etc.) and/or onto wood. Wood dowel axle-shafts are held in place by screw eyes. With these, axle-shafts can be mounted onto almost anything, at almost any angle. Rubber tubing snippets keep the axles from sliding sideways. All gears, pulleys, wheels, and hubs fit onto the same size dowel. Possible SolarDrives, showing wheels, gears, pulleys, propellers, CD-hubs and shaft mounted directly to motor. Direct motor drives

Sirect Motor DrivesDirect SolarDrives.  Every size pulley or gear can be driven by the motor, using our motor shaft bushing.

Pulleys accept o-ring tires, for direct-drive options. The worm gear can drive any size toothed gear. Propellors can be used for model airplanes as well as fan mechanisms, including solar fan-cars and fan-boats. CD-hubs are provided so that CD’s can also be used for wheels.

15 x 1 watt (2 volt x 500 mAmp) solar panels. Use the AA battery holder for solar battery-charging. Components can be dis-assembled and used over and over again, to build a wide variety of solar-electric machines.


Complete Item List located on Page 2 of Instruction PDF. Click Below.


Check out this video for instructions and ideas!

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